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State of Survival mod apk Unlimited Money for android

State of Survival mod apk Unlimited Money for android

You will struggle to survive in the State of Survival mod apk, an awesome Strategy game for Android created and released by Chiseled Games Limited.  Only six months have passed since the deadly virus first appeared, and yet a large number of zombies are terrorizing individuals.  However, there is still hope, and you can find a new neighborhood.  You are surrounded by defensive walls, and in order to protect your territory, you must fight against zombies.

State of Survival mod apk Unlimited Money for android

You must be prepared to survive under any circumstances in this State of Survival mod apk game and develop your refuge by eliminating zombies.  There are many residents in your area, and you can choose from a variety of characters to fight against zombies.

 They will all have special abilities that allow you to kill zombies using different tools and techniques.  You can try to survive the zombie apocalypse by creating your own bunkers, upgrading existing structures, and placing them in strategic locations.

 In the State of Survival mod apk story, the US government is trying to develop a biological weapon that can exterminate people by causing diseases and genetic disorders.

 They discover some very serious side effects when they repeatedly test the weapon on humans and the disease spreads very quickly and uncontrollably.

 Many people died as a result in the entire city.  But eventually, when the corpse begins to decompose and shows signs of life again, the horrific zombies appear.

 The accident happened six months ago.  The majority of the population is dead, the city skyline is empty, and there is no longer any activity.  There are a few exceptional souls among these dead people.

 It represents humanity's last chance.

 I gave them the task of finding a cure for the disease that would save lives.

 In the strategy game State of Survival mod apk, military units are replaced by an original character system.  Players will start the game with two characters: Sarge and Maddie and her dog.

 Actually, you only have Sarge Man, but in the opening scene, the two run into paths in the street and decide to join forces.  You will explore a variety of locations in the city in your dangerous mission and you will encounter actual zombie hunters.

After the fight, the characters must rest, restock their food supplies and, if necessary, treat their wounds.  The system will constantly provide you with building projects to do during the game.  The characters will receive great care for wounds and illness in the hospital.  Weapons and ammunition production workshop.  Characters are recruited in recruitment camps, warehouses that hold supplies, and farms that produce food.  Additionally, the system enables you to upgrade these tools to enhance productivity and performance.

State of Survival mod apk Unlimited Money for android

State of Survival mod apk Unlimited Money for android

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Features of the game State of Survival mod apk latest version

✓ A great strategy game that you can play whenever you want.

✓ Everyone will adore the amazing and innovative game design.

✓ In addition, State of Survival mod apk has many live controls.

✓ Very cool, professional 3D images.

✓ There are many characters, all of them have positive traits.

✓ To fight zombies, you can use a variety of tools and strategies.

✓ You can create a safe atmosphere.

✓ There are different zombies.

✓ Opportunity to investigate resources

✓ A game about zombies with a completely new gameplay

✓ Given the acceptable size of the game, the visuals are great.

✓ Sound effects to suit the mood of the game.

✓ Distinguished characters with various skills

✓ Several weapons.

 ✓ Fun and easy.

✓ A neat and easy user interface.

✓ You can play and compete against players from all over the world.


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